The most affordable,

spacious and multifunctional car

Do whatever you want, this car will always be your irreplaceable assistant.

Every day on short city trips you will always deliver five people with comfort to their destination and will be able to transport the cargo. Or a lot of cargo, if you fold the back row of seats. And when you gather for a holiday or a long trip, this multifunctional car will provide your company with 4 beds, a kitchen for cooking, maximum comfort and a feeling of safety during the trip. But the most important thing is that it is really affordable.

It is cheaper than a medium size SUV, functional like three cars. 


variant 1



smart-Module is in the rear of the vehicle

from 21 710 Euro (VAT incl.)


variant 2

Rising roof, sleeping places in the upper part of the car



from 24 020 Euro (VAT incl.)


variant 3

Rising roof, smart-Module, ultra-light table, side organizer



from 26 710 Euro (VAT incl.)

Components of sM - Model


Fiat Doblo Maxi available with engines:

MultiJet  1.3 (95 HP) or 1.6 (100 HP) or 1.6 (120 HP). Load capacity 750 kg*, wide rear opening, sliding doors on sides, maximum luggage space.

5 seats (including driver)

Rising roof has a double bed. The tent is made of waterproof and breathable fabric. The roof can carry a useful load due to installed crossbars to secure the load. When the roof is up, it is possible to stand in full height in the car. Access to the sleeping area is provided from inside the car, there is no need to go outside the car and or use additional stairs.

smart Module - Easy to install without special tools. It includes a wide lower bed and a mini kitchen with a clean water tank, silicone folding sink, portable gas stove, smart fridge (working temperature range from -18 to +10 degrees C) and a cooking surface. With the module installed, there is always room for your large items (handbags, suitcases and equipment).

Ultra-light Table. It is invisible because it is in the side Organizer.

smart Module - functionality everywhere

smart Module can be divided into two parts and used separately.


Install the special stands and use the kitchen outside the car. Or use it at home as a piece of furniture. The fridge can run on 230 volts.



And use the bed for its intended purpose. Outside the car it also remains your functional element of the smart Module.

How to use sM - Model


Holidays and travels

Day layout of the car:

smart-Module (standard equipment) is at the back of the car and luggage is placed.

Five seats including the driver. The roof is down. Additional luggage box can be mounted on the roof.

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