100% transformation

Are you going to travel by your own car? Excellent!

Just install the required modules.

Components of M - Model


Fiat Doblo Maxi available with engines: MultiJet  1.6 (95 hp) or 1.6 (120 hp). Load capacity 750 kg*, wide rear opening, sliding doors on sides, maximum luggage space. 4 seats (including driver)

Kitchen module

Cooking plate and sink. This compact module includes all the equipment necessary to cook the favourite dishes when on travel: a cooking plate with one gas burner, a steel sink, and tanks for pure and dirty water. This module fastens quickly to the special running rails in the car floor using the universal attachment.​And if you want to cook dishes “with the flavour of fresh air”, you need to equip the module with the special legs to use it outside the car. In that way the working height of the module will rise up to usual 85 cm above the floor level.

Refrigerator. We took care of the food products freshness in order to enable you to cook. The required perishables can be kept in the 18-litre compressor refrigerator with the working temperature between -10 and +15 degrees. And the lid of this module will serve as a work surface for cooking.

Table – it may be the simplest module element of the camper to use it both inside and outside the car. And when it is not required, it can be hidden in one of the standard alcoves of the car.

A lot of space for your luggage

Wardrobe and organizers. Do you still think that a compact car is suitable only for short journeys? We foresaw space for everything that is necessary when on travel and developed a special wardrobe for you to keep your things there: bedding, towels, jackets, and T-shirts. And if the wardrobe is not enough, you will be provided with special textile organizers expanding the room for the stowage of small items. Unfasten the organizer and use it as a rucksack when you go shopping or for a walk.

Certainly, there is no excess space in such a compact car. Therefore, we developed and arranged an additional 150 litres luggage compartment with the load capacity of 300 kg at the rear under the car floor. It can contain camping chairs, sport equipment, additional canvas cover and everything that can not be placed in the main luggage area.

Driver and passenger seats

Can be turned inwards in 180 degrees. We had to meet the challenges of our car in order to solve this problem as the floor level difference between the living compartment and “the driver’s cab” is 350 mm. We solved the problem. As a result, the front seats can be not only turned in 180 degrees but also raised enough so that the people sitting at the front end of the camper could feel comfortable.


There are two of them. Despite of the compact car dimensions, 4 adults can sleep comfortably in it. The first berth (it is the only non-removable element in the car) is installed in the rising roof. The size of the upper berth is 1.11 * 1.85 metres. When folded, the upper berth does not impede the performance of other car functions related to the transportation of passengers and cargoes. When raised together with the roof, the berth is not an obstacle either as an adult can stand in full size inside the car. The rising roof made of glass-fibre plastic creates some extra space in the car above the living area, the space protected from precipitation and wind.

The second berth (lower) is fastened to the floor running rails securely, and it is very compact when folded. When unfolded, the berth dimensions are 1.05 * 2.00 metres. This berth can be used outside the car independently, for example, like an extra bed in the house.





How to use M - Model


Holidays and travels

Day layout:

 4 passenger seats, kitchen unit 1 (sink, cooker, water tanks, gas cylinder), kitchen unit 2 (fridge), wardrobe, folding bed, organizer with table, Bag-to-Go. The roof is down. On the roof can be installed additional luggage box.

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