The transportation of 4,2 cubic metres of cargo is not a problem any more!

Demount and remove all unnecessary things from the vehicle compartment. Install the safety net between the cargo compartment and the driver’s cab and transport everything that fits.

Cargo Platform Extensions*



We have developed collapsible and quick-detachable racks that are installed on the left and right side of the car instead of living modules. The racking system quickly transforms the cargo platform of the multi-purpose vehicle into a courier van or mobile workshop.

The MFC racking system ensures maximum organization of the load platform space. Unlike other options for car rack systems, our racks are easy to remove from the car. To maximize their efficiency, MFC shelving can also be used outside the vehicle. A lot of useful things can be collected from them:
- Large shelving
- Desktop
- Coffee table
- Trolley

* for M-model

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