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Is it possible to buy three cars at once at the cost of one medium car?!

We affirm that it is possible!

We invented and developed the concept of

“3С – Camper, Car, Cargo” enabling to transform a compact city van into one of three special-purpose cars within 10 minutes: a camper, a passenger car, or a cargo van.​

In this project we used the most effective and affordable chassis - Fiat Doblo maxi. The car allowed us to make the best possible use of every millimetre of its interior space for the realization of our idea. The low maintenance costs and compact dimensions of the van itself became yet another advantage of Fiat Doblo. In contrast to other multifunctional cars built on some more expensive chassis, our concept offers the uncompromising solutions of the interior space transformation. Everything you need is to install the required modules in the car body or demount them from the car body in order to use one and the same car according to the specific purposes of each particular situation:

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